This awesome gamepad is absolutely a great tool for gamers. The controller has two joy sticks, a D-pad, X / Y / A / B action key and L1 / L2 / R1 / R2 shoulder triggers, which makes you play games more smoothly. With a telescopic phone holder, it works great for playing games and navigating the menus. Wireless connect to the phone with iOS7 or above system, tablet or VR headset running Bluetooth 3.0. Holding it, you can experience a fantastic game world. 

Main Features: 
– With MFi certification, support all the handle games in the App Store.
– Professional joystick, the joystick has been rotation tested 150 million times, 360 degree full range effective.
– Built-in high efficient lithium polymer battery and smart power saving technology for longer using, continuous working time up to 30 hours.
– Pressure sensitive buttons offer precise control.
– Special finish on surface for consistent grip when playing.
– Include travel clip for iPhone and iPod gaming anywhere and anytime.

Model: PXN – 6603
Connection mode: Wireless Bluetooth
Transmission range: Approximately 20m / 64ft
Battery: Rechargeable 550mAh lithium polymer battery
Battery life: 30h
Battery charging time: 2h

Only compatible with iOS7 or above system.