GCONTROLLERS Wireless Gamepad for Nintendo Switch Consoles with NFC Function


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Supporting Nintendo Switch /Switch Lite/PC gaming system

NFC Function available, amibo-involving makes gamer with much fun

Dual shock motors; adjustable 3-levels of gamepad vibration for options

Built-in 6 axes | motion sensor

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  •  Support connection with SWITCH console/PC
  •  Connect SWITCH console by Bluetooth
  • Support wired connection with SWITCH console&PC
  • Double built-in vibrating motors in the controlller
  • Built-in high efficient lithium battery and smarpower saving technology
  • Playing longer. Support NFC function for Switch console

Wireless (Bluetooth )Connection
1. At SWITCH consolehome page enter bottom “Controllers” Change Grip/Order;
2. Press the controller “Y “+ Homebutton to POWER ON. 4 LED indicator lights flashes signs in the loop.
3. After 3一5 seconds,when LED indicator light keeps on, the controller connects successfully.

Wired Connection with cable
1.Enter Switch console System settings } Controllers and Sensors,Select Pro Controller Wired Communication. The option state is ON;
2. When the controller is power off, connect the controller with SWITCH by USB cable;
3. LEDl indicator keeps on

The controller vibration frequency have three levels of adjustments.

一How to adjust it?
After the controller connect with switch console successfully, Press L+R+ZL+ZR at same time.
Level 1 to level 3, weak to strong vibration

Level 1 vibration: LED 1 light on

level 2 vibration: LED 2 light on

level 3 vibration: ;LED3 ligjt on

When the controller connect with switch consolesuccessfully, You can use amiibo on Nintendo Switch by tapping them to the NFC touch pointon the Controller. You’ II uncover surprising new features!

  1.  Press the controller “A”button, Connect the to the USB port of PC with USB cable.
  2. LED 1+ LED 4 indicator light flashing;
  3. Gamepad Checking: nWIN7/8/10, enter control interface >device and printer>controlller icon> game control setting, choose features test

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