Gcontrollers Ipega 9076 Wireless PS3 / PC Game Controller


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2.4G Bluetooth Game Controller Computer TV For PUBG Fortnite

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  •  Support playing games on BT enabled PC/PS3 , smart TV ,Win 7 / 8 /10 systems

  • Support 2.4G wireless connection with PC computers

  • Support TURBO(acceleration) function, make it stronger and faster when playing games

  • Multimedia player buttons “volume +, -“,“last “,“next ”,“Play/ Pause”can be used under Mouse Mode.

  • Product size: 175*135*65mm

  • 9076 game console pairing mode

How to use USB data cable connect to PC for gaming:

  1. Hold on the START key on gamepad and connect gamepad to the computer’s USB port via the USB cable.
  1. After the wired mode connected, the LED2 indicator is on; In this case, it is the PS3 mode. you can play games on Sony PS3.
  1. Press the key for three seconds to switch to x-input mode and playing of xbox 360 games on PC. The LED3 indicator lights up once successful connected.

How to use Bluetooth connect gamepad to PC:

1.With the gamepad off, press and hold gamepad button Android + Home simultaneously for searching the Bluetooth device, and the LED1-LED4 flash quickly. (If your PC has Bluetooth function, please go to step2.2)

2.1 Insert the Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle into the USB interface on PC device; The driver will be installed by Windows system automatically;

2.2 After the driver is installed successfully,the symbol of the Bluetooth device will be displayed in the lower right corner of the computer;

2.3 Move the mouse to the Bluetooth symbol, click the right mouse button,and select “Add device”;

2.4 After selecting “Add device”, the device model (PG-9076) icon can be searched;

2.5 Click “next”, and select “Do not use the code to match”, it will be automatically added after confirmed , then remind the Bluetooth was connected! After connected, the indicator light is always on;

2.6 It will be D_INPUT mode after the Bluetooth is connected successfully and can support the games running in simulator way.


How to use gamepad Turbo ?

  1. Enabling of Turbo Function: First, press the key that needs the turbo function, for example, the A key and then, press the Turbo key. At this moment, the A key will be enabled with the turbo function.
  1. Disabling of Turbo Function: First, press the key that has been set up with the turbo function, for example, the A key and then, press the Turbo key. At this moment, the turbo function in A key will be disabled.


2.4G wireless connect to PS3 /Windows PC /Android Smart TV and TV box” open

  1. Plug 2.4G Wireless dongle into the USB port of your PS3, Windows PC, Android Smart TV or TV box.
  2. Press and hold Home+SELECT button, All LEDS will flash quickly at this moment means gamepad entered wireless matching mode.
  1. LED2 will light on once successfully connected.
  2. Then you are ready for playing games.


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