“Which controller lasts the longest?
How many buttons do I really need?
Which controller has the best handling(for me)?
Which controller do I usually use for other games?
Would it hurt my [budget] if the controller gets broken?
Is this type of controller still sold in stores?”

Besides the built-in joy cons, many third party game controllers can offer difference gaming experience for player. More players can be engaged, remote technology(blue tooth) improved with competitive price.
Gcontrollers offers the most competitive range game controllers for Nintendo Switch / Lite. From 8Bitdo to iPega, PXN etc.

8Bitdo is consider an unique designed brand in industry. It grasp attention at the first sight. M30 Wireless connection with a receiver can also connect to windows, Android, MacOS, Switch and RaspberryPi. Its pocket size allows us take it to travel anywhere.

PXN 9618 Bluetooth Gamepad may in your top in your wish list. It is weird, freaky and odd. Other than that, it is the coolest birthday and X’MAS gift for kids! Fast paring and no lag. Available with PC, iOS, Android, PUGB and so on!
Getting Vibrations from Your Controller-PXN 9607! Dual shocking motors in the handle of the game controllers, step into new level of game experience.No game experience and leave without motor vibrations.
iPega 9139 is designed with removable and replaceable disc cross button. You can DIY your bottom!
Get your favorite Nintendo switch game controllers from a limited stock edition with a money-back guarantee, and enjoy the best experience of real gaming!

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