What’s the Best Way to Pair a Controller to a PC?

By now, most of us are well-versed in “pairing” our phones to different peripherals and devices. We hit the Bluetooth button, look at the things available to pair with, and if there are no glitches in the system, we’ve made a connection in seconds. Often, the devices can remember one another, and pairing is easily done in the future.


Where our PCs go, on the other hand, many of us are unaware of how to go about pairing a PC to another device. Yes, many of us have wireless printers that we’ve managed to get connected to the laptop or desktop, and many also have used different Bluetooth options to connect something to the system.


Naturally, we’ve all also used USB cables to make devices speak to our computer and work together towards some targeted outcome. This is also the best way to pair a controller to a PC. While it might seem as if any device with Bluetooth capabilities would be better paired to a PC with that wireless interface, there is one substantial reason to avoid it: delays.


Feedback Delays

Premium game controllers can be designed to work with specific systems, such as Android devices or Nintendo Switch systems. While the game controller designed to pair with multiple interfaces (such as a gamepad that will work with the Nintendo Switch, the Android phone and the home PC), not all connections can allow specialty features to work best.

This is the case with the PC connection, which can provide those rapid-fired responses and reactions in the controllers usually when hardwired via a USB connection.

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The typical PC is running a tremendous array of functions at any given time, in addition to whatever game is being played. To communicate via the Bluetooth connection is entirely possible, but the speed at which signals would have to be fired to things like game controls with dual vibrating motors for shock features is almost impossible.

Via a USB, on the other hand, the signals are sent out and received instantly without any lag of delays. The operating systems may also play a role in how responsive the connections and signals might be. For example, the best game controllers can work with systems using Windows 7, 8 or 10. However, the speeds at which a Windows 7 system processes the information, graphics, and other issues is going to be different (i.e. slower).

Hard Wired Is Not a Bad Thing

Don’t be fooled into believing that a hard-wired connection is somehow an outdated or less desirable way to game with a PC and modern controller. It is, often, the best way to enjoy the richest experience and fullest features.

What you do want to be sure of is that the game controller you choose supports Bluetooth with gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch as well as a wired connection, if needed. This can let you troubleshoot any lag that might develop.

How do you connect the best game controllers to your PC? It is best to use the included MicroUSB and USB cords, like the PC-compatible devices available from GControllers.




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