According to, gaming “on Android and iOS smartphones is growing at a massive rate. A recent study from Electronic Entertainment Design and Research claims that 60% of Americans regularly play videogames on their smartphones.” And though that may sound as if everyone is just content to use their phone to enjoy their gaming, it is far from the truth.

As that same report explained, the “mobile gaming experience isn’t complete without using one of the best Bluetooth controllers. They give you more precision plus you can play with your hands off the screen.”


Gaming on a Mobile

Just think of it for a moment. There is really no way to enjoy most of the internet’s best games with the functions available on a touchscreen. Aiming during a game of Call of Duty? No. Getting accuracy in your movements during Fortnite? Yeah, sure.

Because of this, you need a good game controller or gamepad, and that means you need Bluetooth technologies in both the mobile device and the controller. Of course, we are not looking exclusively at game controllers paired with phones.

No, we are also talking about game controllers to be paired with a PC and other systems, like Nintendo Switch, Apple devices, PS3, and even Android TVs.


So, what are the benefits of Bluetooth for those devices or systems?

The Many Benefits of Bluetooth Compatible Game Controllers

If you speak with those who use game controllers to boost their fun and performance when gaming on Androids and other devices, most would say that it is the diversity of options that comes from a Bluetooth connection. For an example, with the right device, you can pair the game controller to one or more items in the system, and switch rapidly from one to the other without picking up a new controller or even moving from your chair!


Here is what we mean: You might opt for a premium option like the Gcontrollers Ipega 9076 Wireless PS3 / PC Game Controller. As the name implies, it is wireless (i.e. Bluetooth capable) and works with on BT enabled PC/PS3, smart TV, Win 7 / 8 /10 systems. It can work over a high-speed wireless connection with a PC, features TURBO functions to make it even faster when playing a game, and be used in Mouse mode. The 2.4G wireless connect also allows interaction with an Android Smart TV and TV Box.


Without a strong Bluetooth capability, this would mean wiring the controller to any number of devices and limiting the user’s mobility. Think of the fun you have when you game wirelessly and you instantly recognize the value of a Bluetooth device. Add to that the widespread compatibility of the best options, like the many different controllers form GControllers, and you understand why you must go Bluetooth when selecting a device.

Naturally, this is a very common technology, and yet a lot of the game controllers require a USB connection for optimal responsiveness and performance. If you want the freedom of movement and flexibility in the systems used, make sure your game controller is Bluetooth capable, as well as all of your gear.