Is There a Best Nintendo Switch Controller for All Games?


The question posed in the title above can be answered with both a yes and a no. There IS an optimal controller for all games, but not all games are the same. That means that there is not really a universally perfect controller for all games you can play on your Nintendo Switch.

With that said, there are ways to narrow it down and determine which is the best or right one for the ways that you might use your Nintendo Switch. As the team over at WikiHow explained, before you head out to buy a brand new third-party controller for your Nintendo Switch, ask yourself the following;


“Which controller lasts the longest?

How many buttons do I really need?

Which controller has the best handling(for me)?

Which controller do I usually use for other games?

Would it hurt my [budget] if the controller gets broken?

Is this type of controller still sold in stores?”

To help you get the best answer to these questions, we’ll go over a few relevant points relating to each of them.


Longest Lasting

Engineering and design are the keys to getting a controller that will last. In other words, in this instance, you’ll always get what you pay for and going for a bargain basement controller to just toss into a bag and take with you may not get you the best controller for your Nintendo Switch.


How Many Buttons

The good news here is that almost all of the Nintendo Switch controllers have been designed to provide the same level of functionality (if not more) than the native game controllers or Joy Cons that are part of the Nintendo Switch array of peripherals.


Which is Best for Me?

Here is where we have to get very subjective. You’ll need to consider how often you undergo things like hand cramps, difficult maneuvering, poor aim, and all the rest. While the settings on some games can be set to more or less sensitivity and help with awkward design or game controllers not form fitted to your hand, it is not always a fix. Take time to really hold and explore the game controllers you are using now. What would you change? Make note of that and then look for options with the “missing” elements.


Which is My Usual Controller?

Does the game controller you use now function well when playing Nintendo Switch or other Nintendo systems? Perhaps it is the very reason you’ve rethought the controller situation in the first place. A lot of people complain of hand cramps and under performance with the native Nintendo Switch controllers. If that’s why you’re considering options, it means you are in need of an upgrade.


Busted Budget?

We won’t go too much into this issue. Suffice it to say that it is in line with the first question – and relates directly to the “you get what you pay for,” we already  mentioned. If something cannot withstand a bit of rough handling, or demands lots of heavy pressing and squeezing to function, you don’t really want it. If it costs dearly and breaks easily, simply update to a different brand.


Available in Stores

If you look around at gaming enthusiast websites you’ll see that the best game controllers are almost never sold in stores. Specialty gear requires specialty sites. At GControllers, games enthusiastic about getting the most from their Nintendo Switch experiences can find an array of customized game controls that offer the quality, function, and performance desired.