Can You Improve Gaming with a Different Controller?

“How the heck can you aim on a controller?”

“I never win because I can’t get the controller to do what I want!”

Sounds of plastic breaking as the controller is thrown far away…

“Isn’t this supposed to be fun?”

Does this sound like a familiar experience? It happens to millions of people playing some of the hottest games, including Call of Duty, Overwatch and Fortnite, among others.

Gaming is meant to be fun and entertaining, but if you struggle to do the things you want to do with the controller or other functions it stops being fun and starts to be frustrating. That means it may be time to consider the controller you are using.



Hacks, Hints and Tips to Consider


Before you do start using that new controller, put to use some fast hints and tips like those below:

  • What’s the Sensitivity of the System Set To?

Whenever you use a new game, you should always head to settings as the first step of play. As one expert explains, once “done turning on subtitles, cranking up the brightness so you can actually see in dark areas, and lowering in-game music to reduce distractions, it’s time to tweak the sensitivity.”

Whether it is a first-person shooter game or a much less finessed game, you usually want to start in the mid-range (5 or so) and then “try out a variety of different sensitivity options. If you find yourself frustrated that your aim wasn’t fast enough, then maybe increase your sensitivity slightly for an hour or so, to see if you improve. If it seems too wild and out of control, then lower it…”

It may not be that your third-party game controller is the problem, but the sensitivity instead.



Look While Playing

Something that is entirely counterintuitive but which can be incredibly useful is to gaze down at your hands during play and do as many experts suggest, noting if your fingers really are placed to be used effectively. Is it comfortable and functional? Are there things that you’d change?

If you see that there are a few things that you would change about it (poor response from shoulder buttons, overcrowding, lack of dual shock motors, and so on), it may be that your game performance WILL improve with a new controller.


Play A LOT


Here’s the thing about using even a premium game controller, like those from GControllers. They are only as good as your skillset. If you give something only a few chances and then toss it aside, you are not getting yourself into the right level of consistency to know whether or not the game control or the gamer is the problem.

If you have ever thrown a first or third-party game controller across the room or on the floor in frustration or anger, it is not time to give up or look for a new option. Consider if the design is a problem, which could be entirely true. Also consider if you are using the wrong sensitivity setting on the game. Watch to see if you notice flaws in the way the controller functions in your hands and that of others.

A good controller can make the difference in your gaming experiences. It is just that you have to consider a few other factors before moving on to a new one. At GControllers you’ll find Android, iPhone, Nintendo Switch and PC friendly options that are sure to please.