5 Must-Have Features on Any Gamepad Game Controller

Recently, we talked about the need for a game controller to feature powerful Bluetooth capabilities, such as a 2.4GB wireless function. This is not a “must have” feature for all, but it can make the difference between a remarkable wireless experience gaming on a PC and a less enjoyable one. If you doubt that, imagine playing with a wired controller that has vibration features. It’s a great addition to the experience. Sadly, not all wireless options are capable of that when operating with specific components, like PCs.

Interestingly enough, a recent report on game controllers indicated that many who game on their PCs are “reluctant to step away from [the] keyboard and mouse,” because of the control over the gaming experience that classic controls provide. This means they remain wired to the system AND struggling with basic keyboard commands rather than joysticks and more agile buttons.

They went on to say that a good game controller can “really transform your experience and make a good game even better. Native support for controllers is becoming far more common thanks to multi-platform releases, meaning you can enjoy the performance of the best gaming PC from the comfort of your couch.”



A game controller, after all, provides all of the tools needed to engage fully in any game. In fact, some controllers are designed for the games instead of the reverse. And today, a lot of third-party controllers do not demand emulators or adapters to function together – even on Apple devices.

So, with so many benefits to the use of a gamepad or game controller, what sort of “must have” features should a buyer look for? We suggest the following:

  • Fast Bluetooth pairing – It should be easy to pair your game controller to almost any device with Bluetooth capability. The process should be as simple as it is to pair a smartphone to a wireless speaker, and so on. If that Bluetooth pairing also has high amounts of data transfer, it will be even better.

  • Multi-functionality – As we noted, some devices are designed with specific games in mind. However, as a gamer, you  may play while on the go (i.e. on an Apple or Android device), while at home, on a PC or PS3 (or other system), and perhaps on a Nintendo Switch or other device. Because of that, look for a game controller with multiple functions.

  • Gyroscope or 6 axis motion sensors – The more fun you desire from your gaming, the more motion detection is necessary from your game controller.

  • No lag – If you have ever hit a shoulder trigger or used one of the input functions only to experience delayed feedback, you know you cannot accept a device with any risk of lag. Many of the best game controllers guarantee zero lag when in a PC or Nintendo Switch mode.

  • Long batter life – There is almost no point to a game controller or game pad that poops out in a short time. If there is less than a few hours on a full charge, you will find yourself frustrated.

If you want a shortcut to the best game controllers with all of these “must have” functions, just head to gControllers to explore their many options and solutions.