What Are Important Features of Gaming Controllers?

Whether it’s a new wired PS4 gaming controllers, a Bluetooth controller, or an Xbox360 controller, quality is essential. It is true whether the controller comes from the console manufacturer or a third-party manufacturer. The controller can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying and getting the most out of games. So, what is it that most people are looking for when it comes to gaming controllers?


Size and Comfort

These criteria are one of the areas significant for game controllers, and it is one that tends to be hard to get right. It is because so many people have different sized and hands and preferences. The old Xbox 360 controller that came with the original system, nicknamed The Duke, was monstrously huge. While those with larger hands appreciated the size of the gamepad, many people thought it was too large and too hard to use. Children and those who had smaller hands could even end up with hand cramps.

Today, manufacturers are working hard to find the perfect balance when they are creating game controllers. They want them to be comfortable to hold and to use for long gaming sessions, and they still want them to be large enough to hold all of the buttons needed for the controller.


One of the biggest complaints that people tend to have about controllers is that they are not as durable as they would like. With the PS4 controllers from Sony that came out during launch, many people complained that the sticks did not have enough longevity. Over the interceding years, Sony and third-party manufacturers have dealt with this problem.

Today, a controller not built to last or withstand with regular use – and sometimes rough use – leaves gamers unhappy.


Options for the Gaming Controllers

People will also want to have options when it comes to their controllers. They want to have the choice of having a wired controller or a wireless controller, for example. They also might want to have a choice in the design. Some enjoy using third-party game controllers because they have a somewhat different shape or design when compared with the option from the console manufacturer.

Also, people like to have options for more color. Most of the standard options that come with the consoles today are merely black. You might find that you want to have a red PS4 controller or a pink PS4 controller, for example. Having a variety of choices and options when it comes to the style and color can be another huge factor for many gamers out there. Sure, there are those who do not care about the looks of the controller, as long as it works well. However, you should never discount the power of aesthetics and options that make the controller unique.

These are just some of the essential features that many look for in a game controller. What’s right for you?