The Nintendo Switch is a unique gaming console, and it has become one of the most popular the company has ever released. It works just as well as a mobile console as it does a home console, and that has become the console of choice right now. While it might not have the same amount of power as an Xbox One or a PS4 Pro, it still can provide gamers with unforgettable experiences, such as the latest Legend of Zelda game Breath of the Wild. New Switch games are coming out that are pushing the system to its limits, as well.

There are many reasons to love this system, and there are many additional accessories that gamers might want to have when they pick up a Nintendo Switch. These include things like car chargers and cases for the mobile portion of the system. However, they will also want to consider getting some additional controllers.


The Joy Con Controllers

The controllers themselves are exciting and some are unlike what you will find with other gaming systems. The Joy Con Switch controllers work with the mobile system and operate when the system is run through a TV either by a single player or by two people that each use one. They will charge automatically when they are attached to the Switch unit. These are small controllers, and they can fit onto a larger controller unit for the Switch, as well. Having a backup pair of controllers, in case something happens to the set that comes with the Switch can be a good idea.


Other 3rd Party Gaming Controllers Options

However, because of the unique nature of the controllers, they might not be right for everyone. They are on the smaller side, and some players like to have a more significant controller in their hands. Fortunately, there are options available for both wired and wireless options for the Nintendo Switch. They have a rumbling feature, as you would expect from a controller, as well, and they have a layout that is similar to what you could expect from a standard gaming console controlller.

It feels more comfortable and familiar to many people, and it can make it easier for them to jump into the games in the Switch’s library since the controller is similar to other game controllers that they have used in the past. Some will have a look and a heft that is quite similar to an Xbox One controller, for example.


A Great System Overall

Fortunately, you will find that the Nintendo Switch has a lot to love when it comes to the quality and durability of the system, and the quality of the games for the system. The controllers that come with the Switch are excellent but consider some of the other options on the market to make sure you find a controller that works well for your needs and your gaming style.