High Quality Controllers Matter in Gaming

Decades ago, when you were sitting on the couch with your siblings and using your Nintendo or PC controllers, the gaming controller quality did not matter as much as it does today. There might be a little bit of input delay, or a button gets a little stuck after being used by sticky little jelly-covered hands. Those were simpler times.

Today, things are quite a bit different. People are looking for custom controllers that are going to last, and that will be able to provide them with the best possible gaming experience. Having a great controller is essential, as it can make a difference in their overall gaming experience.


Online Competition Is Fierce

Today, whether it is a fighting game or a first-person shooter, people who are playing online want to win. They want to make sure that they have every possible advantage when they are facing their digital enemies online. They want to make sure that they are not at a disadvantage because they are using a controller that has a slower input when compared with other controllers, for example.

While people will often find any excuse as to why they are not doing well in a game, manufacturers want to make sure that a problematic controller is not at fault.


Lots of Durable Buttons

Gaming controllers today need to have a lot of functionality in the form of buttons. They should have triggers, shoulder buttons, face buttons, a D-pad, and sticks used for movement. These sticks are typically clickable, as well, which adds two more buttons to the mix. With all of these buttons, there is a greater chance for something to go wrong and for a button to stop working correctly. Gamers are not fond of controllers that have one or two buttons stop working the right way after a couple of months.

For manufacturers today to sustain happiness in all of their customers, durability needs to be at the forefront of their minds when creating the controllers.


Interesting Features

Controllers used today will often have some exciting features that help to make them stand out from the competition. The PS4 controllers are certainly one of the controllers that have added some interesting features over the PS3 controllers thanks to the touchpad. The lightbar is another unique feature that did not really come into its own until PS VR.


People Want Controllers that Last

People do not like spending money on controllers several times a year. They want to have a controller that lasts for a long time, and that can keep up with their gaming habits. Spending $30 to $60 or more on a controller a few times a year is far more than most people want to spend. Controllers that are not doing will end up failing.

Always make sure that you have  high quality controllers that are durable, responsive, and simple to set up and use. A reliable controller can make a gamer a fan of the manufacturer for life.