Shock Motors: What Are They and How Do You Find Them for Your Game Controller?

You’re enjoying your favorite game and during a particular moment, the entire game controller begins to vibrate in your hands. It might even make it more difficult to make the gestures and perform the actions necessary. You love that feature, but how does it happen? In two words: Shock motors. Obviously, there is more to it because those little motors that set your palms tingling don’t just fire away on their own. There is a [...]

What’s the Best Way to Pair a Controller to a PC

What’s the Best Way to Pair a Controller to a PC? By now, most of us are well-versed in “pairing” our phones to different peripherals and devices. We hit the Bluetooth button, look at the things available to pair with, and if there are no glitches in the system, we’ve made a connection in seconds. Often, the devices can remember one another, and pairing is easily done in the future.   Where our PCs go, [...]